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About Us

Superior Disease Detection

We are addressing the tremendous, growing need for more reliable and sensitive diagnostic tests to accelerate drug development and enhance patient care. Our APEX technology is the first test that has demonstrated ability to detect – with a simple blood draw – low levels of the aggregated amyloid beta (Aβ) proteins that signal the presence of Alzheimer’s disease. APEX has significant promise for use in other neurological disorders as well.


Our pipeline of innovative, non-invasive technologies will empower researchers and clinicians with unparalleled insights not available from current tests. Our exceptional expertise in protein-based diagnostics positions us to become a global leader in the field, addressing significant research and clinical gaps, and serving multiple, sizable markets.

The 2023 Sunbird Bio merger with Glympse Bio brought together two leaders in the protein diagnostics field and provided additional technology, resources and know-how to drive paradigm-shifting success and improved patient outcomes.  

Learn more about our work in Alzheimer’s disease

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