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Our Technology

Our validated protein-based platforms have the potential to dramatically improve standards of care for many diseases

The Power of Proteins

Sunbird Bio’s proprietary diagnostic tests provide unprecedented insights to enable earlier, more accurate diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, other neurological disorders and early-stage cancer. Our APEX and Glympse platforms uniquely detect, measure and assess properties of proteins and protease activity that indicate the presence and activity of disease. Our initial focus is on developing our APEX platform for use in Alzheimer’s disease, where it has demonstrated potential to address significant gaps in current standards of care. 


Diagnostic tests are an essential component of drug development, disease detection, disease monitoring and personalized treatment selection. However, the usefulness of current diagnostic approaches such as molecular diagnostics and PET imaging is often limited. 


Sunbird Bio's approach has the potential to overcome the inaccessibility, invasiveness and/or lack of reliability associated with standard diagnostic tests.


Through our novel platforms, we aim to empower clinicians and researchers with unparalleled, actionable information and insights that can accelerate drug development and enable earlier, more accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease.



Detects very low levels of disease-specific proteins in blood 
glympse technology sunbird bio.png


Measures and analyzes the activity of proteases 

Why Proteins?

Proteins are primary effectors in biological systems and among the most informative tools we have for disease diagnosis.

Detecting and analyzing proteins or their modifications provides direct and reliable insights into functional changes in cells and tissues that may reflect disease states. In addition, as compared to DNA or RNA, proteins are proximal to disease, providing a better reflection of biological activity.   

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