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We’re uniquely capturing the diagnostic insights provided by protease activity

Our Glympse platform is the only diagnostic technology that measures and analyzes the activity of specific proteases in the blood and correlates this activity with the presence and progression of disease. It is designed to support early, accurate diagnosis, as well as better-informed treatment planning and monitoring.

The Glympse platform was informed by extensive research into the biology of disease and the proteases that are dysregulated in a range of illnesses. Numerous diseases, including many cancers, gastrointestinal conditions and fibrosis, have altered protease activity from the earliest stages. Additionally, there is strong scientific evidence suggesting that distinct changes in protease activity occur as disease progresses (e.g., stages 1-4 of cancers).


Glympse uses proprietary peptide probes to capture signals of protease activity in blood samples. A machine learning algorithm then translates disease-specific protease activity data into clinically actionable information, allowing for accurate, real-time tracking of disease progression.


We have constructed a library of 800 tunable peptide probes that can be used to develop custom panels for specific diseases. In addition to enabling earlier disease diagnosis, the insights acquired from protease activity may support precise patient enrollment and shortened trial lengths to accelerate and improve clinical trials of investigational therapies.

Why Proteases?

Proteases are enzymes that break down proteins, and they are fundamental to human health and disease.

There are 566 human proteases, all of which drive numerous aspects of cellular function, including disease presentation and progression. Measuring protease activity provides a better reflection of biological activity as compared to RNA.

Initial data from a preclinical study using the Glympse platform in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) demonstrated diagnostic potential for protease activity. It also provided proof of concept for the Glympse platform, which effectively differentiated between subjects with HCC and healthy controls in all cohorts.


We are actively partnering with biopharma companies and researchers to validate the performance of the Glympse platform and bring it to market.

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